Specialists in Recording Re-Amping Mixing Mastering Tracking Drums Removing Unwanted Noise

Recording Studio in Red Bluff, California

Recording Re-Amping Mixing Mastering Tracking Drums Removing Unwanted Noise

Recording Studio in Red Bluff, California

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Nestled in scenic Northern California, Barn Yard Studios is surrounded by breath taking panoramic views of  Mount Shasta, Mount Lassen, the Trinity Alps and majestic Valley Oak trees that will assist and inspire your creativity to write and record your next song or album.  We  pay close attention to the details of  your song(s)  from recording, to mixing, to editing, to mastering by using industry standards and the latest in technology approaches. Whether you are an artist, a singer/songwriter, or a band  come visit us and have your creative dreams become a reality.

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Recording is a process that involves capturing the creativity, inspiration, and passion resulting in a song or musical landscape. Inspiration can come from many different things, places, and experiences.  Barn Yard Studios may have what your inspiration and creativity needs are to write and record your next song or album.  We work with you to create radio ready recordings  that will captivate  the listeners attention.

If you have already recorded your song(s) yet there are  buzzes, clicks,  pops, implosives, etc... we can repair those  and bring them to their full potential through the latest in recording technology. Whatever that need or creative process is, Barn Yard Studios is here to capture  your passion.

Drum Tracking/Editing

Drum tracking is an important part of the mixing process. A well recorded drum set can take a song from mediocre to the next level. Being prepared for a recording session will decrease and save time mixing the song.  The following will help when tracking the drums:

Rehearsing the song(s) before tracking day, replace the drum heads the night before, tune the drums and re-tune them once in the studio, making sure the  kick drum and hi-hat pedals are well lubricated to avoid any squeaks, bring extra drum sticks, make a check list of the things you need to bring, i.e, extra beaters, different set(s) of heads like multiple or single ply.

If needed, we can perform drum replacement  using the industries top sampling software. We can use either your recorded drums or other drum samples to blend with your drums or use them to recreate an entirely new sounding drum set!

Vocal Tracking/Editing

Vocals are the centerpiece of almost every song. From telling a story to soaring harmonies,  vocals paint a picture bringing that story to life.  We take extra time to capture  great vocal recordings and then mix them to showcase your personality and/or style of music.  Sometimes it can be difficult to get pitch perfect vocals or may be you had a great recording yet there are a coupe of  spots that are flat or sharp.  We use state of the art editing like Melodyne and/or Pitch Correction to get it to  absolute perfection! If you have vocal recordings for a song, a pod cast, a video or a film  that have extra unwanted noise(s) we can fix and correct  them to bring them to their fullest potential.


You have put a lot of time, creativity, and passion into recording your song(s). The next step after recording is mixing. Mixing is the process that involves taking your recorded tracks and blending them together with processing and editing to get them ready for mastering.  We will take your recorded tracks and mix them into a coherent impactful recording ready for mastering. If you recorded or tracked your song(s) and are not pleased with how they turned out, we will sit down with you and go over the  vision you have for your song(s)  and remix them accordingly.

Re Amping

 You have recorded a great guitar, bass, vocal or instrument track, yet are not completely satisfied with the tone of it. May be you have a vocal track that needs a little something extra added to it like a telephone  sound, a sound effect, or other special effects. May be the recording is dull or lacks the thickness you want. This is where re-amping comes in.  We will take the time to discuss and explore with you your ideas of how you want your guitar, bass, vocal or instrument tracks to sound.  We can take your previously recorded  tracks and recreate an entirely new sound and/or vibe bringing those tracks to life.


Mastering is the final stage in post production that optimizes, balances and ensures uniformity between all tracks for compatibility to all media formats.   We will master your song(s) to be  ready for radio, MP3 or other formats as needed. We can take per-mastered  recordings and master them to sound their optimal through all listening devices & all listening environments. If you or someone else mix your song(s) and you would like them mastered we have  the ability to meet those needs.

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